Welcome to TORSA!
This little shop of mine quietly opened it’s doors in 2005, aiming to offer customers a welcoming space to peruse a tight edit of covetable labels. I didn’t want rigid fashion or recognisable seasons, I wanted wearable, timeless pieces- things you would still be wearing with as much enjoyment years later. I wanted pretty prints pared with sweatshirts and jeans.
I wanted effortless ease. I wanted to bring people all the things I couldn’t find for myself in Melbourne.

It was important to me that the store be warm and welcoming, and that customers felt just as comfortable to browse as they did buy. TORSA became known as a uniquely personal, inviting space where visitors (and their dogs) have always felt welcome.

As we branch into cybersales I hope to still imbue some of that feeling of warmth and familiarity for our online customers.
Happy Shopping peeps x